Classical & Modern
Bespoke Tailor
After completing his apprenticeship, Master Liao inherited his father's business and officially became a cutter and coat maker in 1963. He set up his own workshop and provided services to the tailor shops in Taipei. After years of accumulation of experience, Gentle Handleman was formally established in 1975, and then moved to its current location at Section 3 Jen-Ai Road, Taipei in 1985.
For decades, Gentle Handleman has the honor of receiving affirmation and recommendation from domestic customers in all fields, and has been favored by international customers as well. Even if international customers are unable to come to Taiwan frequently, they will regularly order customized garment from us through email.
Excellent Reputation
Years of persistence gives Gentle Handleman an excellent reputation in the business, and makes it the tailor of customers’ best choice.
Every measurement
is taken with caution
It takes decades of experience
to be proficient
In the suit making, we uphold the traditional processes, and every suit is created by cutter and coat/trousers maker working closely together. No mass production machinery, we only need scissors, irons and sewing machines to create such beautiful garments. Starting from selecting fabric, and then proceeding to taking measurements, cutting, fitting, sewing, and finishing, every step is performed with caution to meet customer’s requirements.
A made-to-measure suit for your own personality
Elegant & Confident
Today, when most people are advertised to enjoy in fast producing, fast consuming and fast disposal, we sincerely invite you to return to the origin of clothing making and experience the unique charm of tailor made suits.
An experienced & passionate
team for tailing
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