Bespoke Service
  • Craftsmanship has been most valuable essential to Gentle Handleman since beginning. For being in business more than 30 years, we are confident to satisfy our customers across different generations.
  • Whether you need a single / double breasted jacket, tuxedo, dinner jacket, or morning coat, our experienced cutters and tailors are ready to serve you.
  • Bespoke Suit
  • Customizing a suit starts from comprehensive communication with the customer. Whether the fabric, cutting, details, the customer’s preferences as well as the fashion trend must be taken into consideration, in order to come up with the most appropriate design for the customer. All suits from Gentle Handleman are made by our master tailors following the strict making processes.
Customizing Suit
Thousands of hand stitches join the cloth to create a garment
Each suit requires at least once or twice fitting before starting sewing pieces together to ensure the style and cutting meet customers’ needs. The measurements and pattern will be recorded for future order especially when customer can not come to the shop in person. The entire production processes take 3 weeks to finish up a suit. We recommend that you plan ahead for your clothing needs and reserve sufficient time for making the suit.
  • Bespoke Shirt
  • Today, people are more and more demanding on a good fit shirt. Therefore, we provide different shirt fabrics with its own characteristics for customers to create a perfect shirt.
Varied Shirt
You may choose your favorite collar style, a few more details to create a shirt, and finally monogram it to make it a dedicated individual one. All our shirts are bespoke by our masters and take about 1 week to complete an order.
All shirts are tailored with client's personal pattern
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